All I can say is WOW!!  When life throws them at you , boy they are incredible.  

I went on just to have a look see where my old chums had moved to or not.  What had happened to them.

Lo and behold a very familiar name Shelly who was my grade school Jr. High bestie.  We were involved in a lot of the same acctivities and clubs together.

In gym class we were the only two that could climb the ropes to the celieing of the gymnasium.  With a little rubber matt below us. hahahahaha  Really a rubber matt.  If we had fallen, what the heck would that rubber matt have done for us?  

You will understand why I brought that up in just a Minute.

Well just before the end of Jr. High my Granda Hutchie fell ill over in Scotland.  So I was taken out of school 1 month early.  No time for goodbyes.  My Mom and Pop, my Aunt Elsie and Uncle Danny, (Pop's sister and brother in-law) all in a husstle busstle to get together what was needed for our extended stay in Scotland.  I have asked my Pop why they needed to carry Golf clubs and tennis rackets.  He just shakes his head.

That Scotland trip is a blog for another day.

Anyway Shelly's life took a turn as well.  Sometimes in young friend ships for one reason or another.  You lose touch.  I went to Scotland until high school started and Shelly dissapeared in to life.  We lost touch.

So when I saw her name on Classmates, I thought what the heck I am going to send her a message to see if she remembers me and how she is doing.

Talk about one of the best surprises.  Not only did she remember me,  but we have been in contact every day with each other since the day before Valentines day.  She has brought back so many memories.  It is amazing, we have been living parallel lives.  So many similarities, it is a riot everytime she tells me something.

Shelly brought up the ropes.  I laughed till I cried we both agreed we were two little monkeys.Climbing the ropes.  So Shelly said it and now we are happily stuck with it.  We are Monkey twins, no doubt about it.  She is my Monkey twin Soul Sister.  Isn't life Great!!!!

So before my Monkey twin knew I loved antiques and vintage everything, and had a store.  She told me she was sending me something, a papoose.  You want to talk about hugs in the mail.  Shelly sent me an incredible fur coat from the 1940s.  It's like 40 years of a zillion hugs.

I was totally blown away when I opened the box!!!  I put it on, my Mom put it on,  even my Pop put it on ( he looked like a Leprechaun bear).

I still can't believe it.

I am now like an ad for, but if you have an inkling of a feeling to look someone up.  Why Not? You have nothing to lose and you might just be as blessed as I was to have your life enriched by your Monkey Twin.

Monkey Twin I Love you!!  I look forward to 40 years of catch up and sharing new adventures.

Best regards one and all,

Happy Trails,


Please feel free to share any stories you may have about re-connecting.  I would love to hear them

PS  This post is from 2 years ago.