Carpe Diem

Hi I am Artist Heather Hutcheson.   (Ache) Creator and Designer of Mixed Vintageables.  Bits and Pieces of vintage jewelry transformed into wearable art.    I put a lot of love and good creative energy into each piece that has it's own special name.  I can only hope that the wearer enjoys the jewelry as much as I did in designing it.

“Carpe Diem Seize the day, well I not only want to seize the day. I want to seize and enjoy every moment doing something I love. I have always enjoyed creating, collecting, sharing, selling, repeat...... I love to find something that strikes up a conversation or just jump starts your imagination as to where it came from who owned it where it has been. So I hope if something jumps out at you it will put a smile on your face or the person that you are sharing it with. I live in the light, love and laugh everyday I hope to pass a little of it on. ” 

         — HEATHER HUTCHESON  (Ache) WRITER, MUSICIAN, ARTIST,                            ENTREPRENEUR 

Hello, I wish everyone love, love, love 💞💞💞 please spread it, we can never have enough!! Wishing everyone a safe and blessed tomorrow.
In these trying times of Covid-19, something I thought I would never experience in my life. I send prayers daily to the Universe and The most high. Do the best you can for yourself and loved ones to help keep us all safe. Best wishes of safety, good health and love. I wish God's speed to the incredible people working toward a cure.

I have been collecting Antiques and Vintage Collectibles since I was a child. I love the stories that and old item has. The history of it, who owned it, where it came from. I usually have several photos of an item. I am always happy to point out any marks or charecter marks which some people consider flaws. Being Vintage and almost always used an item is always going to have some age and play wear. If you need more pictures I am happy to provide them. I do not like Vintage surprises myself so I would not want to pass on a Vintage surprise to someone else. I want you to be happy with your purchase and feel good about your shopping experience. 

 Thank you so very much for visiting my shop. I am happy to ship anywhere. However there are a few items due to weight and the size box they would have to be packaged in, only ship domestically. I am sorry to cause any disappointments. I will mention this at the beginning of the description of an item that is only available domestically. Not overseas. Thank you for your understanding.

Happy trails, always enjoy the best day ever,
Ache  🥰🥰

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