Gallery Of VIP's in My World

Global family and friends and other great finds.

Happy Birthday to Randy and many more. My dear old, old, old, friend. 🀣🀣🀣 I know Randy, very funny, NOTπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My wee Cousin the Lovely Sandra and James the world traveling Superstar.

2019 I had a big operation, couldn't eat for 8 days. All I could think about was lime jello. This was my wee Mammy's welcome home for me. A crystal bowl filled with lime jello.

My fav Hobbit.

Fuzzy just being her adorable self, relaxing at the park.

Heatherette looking like she just stepped out of the 1960s working her 60s retro look. Absolutely Fabulous. Check out Heather's etsy shop go to LotusLoLoLas

Heatherette found some retro Lt. Uhura earrings. Looking good.

My Rock Star, my Pop.

Fuzzy just being the adorable nature gal she is enjoying a nice wee moment by the river. With lady Dana.

Lee just out shopping minding his own business and low and behold he runs into a Scotsman. LOL

Pebbles loves riding in the truck and she loves her Grand da.

Always a fun visit when my Bestie Randy comes to town. Enjoying milkshakes like the kids we are.

Lee and me enjoying a rendezvous.

If I were a cat. 😸😸

One of my Fav pics of me and Riddick, was actually taken by Phyllis (Fuzzy) when she visited Leland and me a while back.

A lovely picture of Fuzzy enoying an eveing on the water. This picture just makes me smile.

My Great Great Grandmother Lady Moore.

My awesome Unicorn mask sent to me by my Fav Heatherette.

Pebbles showing off her new Bandanna.

Dr. Luther Yon Dentist Extrodinare in the background and his caring crew. Diana, Ms Diane and Christine. For great dental care you can visit them at 349 Folly Rd, Charleston, SC 29412

The Fabulous Diana showing off her pretty pink coach shoes.

Pebbles just to make you smile. It was almost a year after The Amazing Riddick crossed the Rainbow bridge. Pebbles was rescued I think she was sent by Riddick to rescue us.♥️♥️

My lovely Fuzzy Cuzzy Wearing her Flower crown.

Celebrating 1 year strong in remission. Colon Cancer survivor. I live each day being Positivly Positive, projecting a positive life force.

My Lovely customer Heather, wearing her Brass and Jade 1930s earrings. Thanks Heather for the review. Heather I am happy to say has become my friend and my Favorite Heatherette.

Had a nice trip down memory lane with my Aunt today. She just celebrated her 80th Birthday. She is also my Godmother.😁😁

Lee and me on my Birthday. I survived 58 and I feel great!!

My fabulous 58th Birthday cake. Was so yummy, Lee outdid his self.

Lee and me, we have to get ready for my special day. October 21, I will be 58. woohoo

Getting ready to slide into 58 and feeling great. I am a legend in the Windmills of my own mind.

Marty's lovely wife Vicki with her Anniversary present. Thanks to Marty for sharing. I am always so thankful to help contribute to love and joy. 😘😘

Marty a wonderful customer. Shared a special story about himself and his wife Vicki. The song Moon River has special meaning for them.. I just happened to have this music jewelry box that plays, Moon River. From the 1960s. This was a great Anniversary present for his wife. Big Happy Anniversary wishes to Marty and Vicki in New York.

My wonderful Pop helping me take some orders ready for shipment, to the USPS.

Randy a Master Hair Designer from Tampa. One of my oldest friends.

Riddick who laughs at all of my jokes. He is such a good boy.

Melissa is a fabulous truck driving woman that keeps the economy rolling!!

Melissa from Las Vegas, with her Mom and Dad.

My wee Mammy posing for her Birthday August 8, 2018.

Nice little stolen moment under an amazing tree. Jacksonville, FL 2018.

Jane and Philip visiting from Scotland, have stepped into a new frontier. Good photo Aunt Ruth. July 2018

Jane and Philip from Scotland, with Aunt Ruth having what looks like a fabulous dinner in Jacksonville, FL July 2018

Sandra a professional photographer is Mom to James The Superstar world traveled pooch.

Okay I think James the Superstar is even making the presidents on Mount Rushmore smile. 😁😁

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