I am posting these pics again.  Since I misplaced my blow drier during moving, which I am sure Leland will find, he is really great recovering things.  Anyway this 1960s deluxe home beauty shop hair drier brings back so many memories.  Not only can you dry your hair you can give yourself a manicure while your hair is drying.  Also there is a nail drier for quick drying your polish.  As a child I was fascinated with this drier and all the attachments and gizmos that go with doing your nails.  I am really thankful to my Mom for putting it by and keeping it safe as she would say and still does with so many things.  I can remember my Mom using it to get ready for parties, special occasions or dancing with my Pop.  My parents are something to see on the dance floor together. Every now and then I request them to tango which they do very well together.  It takes some coaxing, but when they finally give in it is wonderful Kodak memory time for me.   Funny how this crazy vintage hair drier gives me so much to think about every time I use it.  I hope I put a smile on your face and on your heart.  Lots of Merry love and wishes.

Happy trails everybody.