Yes, that is my Mom sitting on the Ledgendary Dorothy Lamour's lap,  for a moment in time Old Friends.   

  Wow what a day. Today I called an old Friend Robyn Sinclair. I am so very glad I did. Just to hear her voice was terrific. We delved right in the two of us like fire trucks racing to a put out a fire. In our case it would of been a blaze. haha How do you fit 25 years into one call? Well we gave it a good go. I can't remember taking a breath. We drifted from one thing to another with the ease of a leaf on a river floating along downstream. 

We laughed and then we laughed some more. I got a little teary. We shared man oh man did we share. We realized how totally connected we are from our artistry to how vocal we can be in our beliefs. Musically to writing we both have completed books that we need to get published. Mine is a murder mystery series. Robin's is Syfy. 

For goodness sakes her last name is the name of the street my Pop grew up on and my Mom and Pop had an apt that I lived in with them on Sinclair street. Robin and Lee share the same birthday. I could go on and on. Wait, this is so cool she speaks multiple languages. All the languages I want to speak. I told her I want to be her when I grow up. She is gorgeous inside and out. Intelligent and funny.

 I realize when we were younger, I must of been so caught up in I don't know what that somehow I missed all these great things. We did have a connection back then I guess we just didn't realize how strong it was. I sang at one of her weddings, at her Grandma's memorial service. Her Mom who was a fabulous lady gave me some wonderful books that I still have. I use to do magic tricks for her son Brian who is now OMG 39.

 My Pop just came out with it he said," you both are Old Broads and you have more wisdom." hahahaha Leave it to Pop. It is true though. Our spirits have found each other again and I am not letting go.

So Robin here is to you kid, Baby your the Greatest!!!   Look forward to many more years of connecting.

Goodnight everybody, happy trails.