This is my first Blog in quite a while.  A lot of changes have occured in the last few Months.  I have been caught up in some life curveballs. The universe can really toss them out sometimes. I have really met some interesting people along the way. 

Let us start with Jeff from the Bronx. So Leland had an interview Downtown Charleston, he was getting ready for.  I went to the gas station to gas up and get some fix a flat because there was a tire that had a slow leak. So there I am struggling with the fix a flat, which I must say is not as easy as it looks on the commercials. So here comes this big good looking hulk of a man, asking me if I need some help. Now here is where it gets interesting. He said wait a sec at which point he removes his right leg so he can sit better on the ground to get closer to the stem of the tire so he can screw the fix a flat on and get it to blow the tire up. In the mean time I ask him how he lost his leg.  A work accident. So Here I am with my Osteo knees locking thingy.  We both start reminiscing to one another about the strength we use to have and then we are going back and forth about all the different things we use to lift and climbing up flights of stairs in nothing flat.  We start laughing and kibitzing.  He originally from the Bronx, me Scotland via Chi town.  So the fix a flat finished he gets up puts his leg back on.  I ask him if I can buy him a couple of Tall boy beers to carry home.  Already covered, “he says”.  So Bronx and Chi town new friends hugging and kissing like old friends.  Don’t forget me.  Don’t forget him. How could I.  Don’t forget me, I said back at him.  Then there he went the one legged superhero on a racing bike.  All he was missing was a cape and a mask.  

 Oh it isn’t over I drove to the tire store called and told Lee to reschedule his interview, which he already did.  Then I called the flying Scot My Pop to the rescue.  We left the car to be dealt with later.  Loaded Riddick my furry baby who rides everywhere with me when I am riding alone, into the truck went picked up Lee and took him to his interview.  Somehow no matter what everything always seems better when my Pop is there.  Yes, that’s right.  Once a Daddy’s girl always a Daddy’s girl.  So after the interview we all rode and got a new tire, because the old one could not be repaired.

 Lola’s budget tires we have known her for years and she always takes care of us. Lola's is the only tire shop I have ever been to that has beautiful angels and angel pictures everywhere.  I am happy to say I have been a contributor.  Lola is a very endearing person happy to give you the best deal she can.   So new tire back to the car. In a million degrees Lee changes the tire.  Bless his heart and my 82 year old Pop, November the 4th, this Saturday. The both of them melting over a tire.  Tire fixed, Pop gets into his Ford Pickup and rides off onto the  melting tar of Sam Rittenberg Blvd on his merry travels.  

Thanks to Pop for all the driving around. We went Downtown, uptown to North Charleston back over and sideways. He never turns down a distress call. Thank you to Jeff from the Bronx for helping a lady in distress.  Thanks to the Most High for keeping all of us safe.  I am grateful and count my blessings every day.

 Best wishes friends, Romans, family men.  I can only hope you're days are 

filled with as much craziness and zaniness.   I wish you all a blessed day.

 Happy Trails, Heather