Wow, well here it is a whole year has passed. It is Lee's Birthday. We have a fun filled day planned. Honestly we probably won't do half the things we have planned but, I guess it is the idea of it. To make the day special. The main thing that will make it special is that Me, Lee and Riddick are together laughing and loving. Really what else could you ask for on a Birthday. To be surrounded by people who love you. People who you really want to share your special day with. Last year we went to a few different places that had pianos and Lee played I sang a lil at one place and the people didn't want us to leave. Lee is an incredible performer and musician. He can play anything. He writes beautiful music and it is such a wonderful privilege to be entertained each and every night, up close and personal. So later today we will have music, love and laughter. Sharing with people we love. Sounds like a great Birthday to me. 

To anybody else that shares this special day June 22, 2017, all the very best!! 

Happy Birthday Lee my darling, I wish you many, many more. All my love oxoxox 

Goodnight and Happy Trails Everybody